3 attitudes that make you lose customers and spook them for ever

No business wants to lose customers, right? Specially for small businesses, a lost customer can represent a hard hit and, sometimes, teams don’t even realize why this happens. Companies will focus on decreasing prices of products and services, channels their resources to invest in marketing and sales, when most of the times that’s not the main issue. Customers may find your product good and be satisfied with the prices you are practicing and still leave your company.

One of the most common reasons of lost costumers is poor customer service. Customers feel neglected, they get the impression that your company doesn’t care for them and they will go take their business where they feel appreciated. Find out in the list below some of the attitudes you and your team may have that are spooking your customers and making them go way.

Making problem resolution hard

When a customer contacts you with some problem or issue to be resolved, he/she expects that your solution is quick and simple. But if resolution is painful, difficult to achieve due to company’s inflexible policies it may become a stress point that makes your customers want to leave.

When, instead of strict rules, employees have guidelines and freedom to really help a direct customer on the best way to resolve their issue, things will be smoother and customer satisfaction will improve. This will also help in matters of customer’s loyalty, because they feel they are dealing with people that understands them.

Breaking Promises

The pressure of selling and showing results might take some sellers to mislead customers. Sellers tend to highlight the positive points and advantages of a product or service, but don’t make the mistake of promising things that you know can’t be delivered, that will make you lose customers and When you build up customers’ expectations but then you fail them, they will go way with resentment.

Sure, you can still point out all the benefits of your product or service, but don’t make false promises. Be honest and explain the limits of what you can offer to them.

Being unresponsive

Either it is a contact asking about a product, or someone needing support, taking too much time to respond to a customer is a deal breaker. In an era where there are so many ways to be reachable – social media, email, phone, etc. – if your company fails to give a quick answer to someone’s concern, you are losing deals and customers by the minute.

It might be the case that you need to hire more staff to raise the speed of your company’s response time, or you need to find the right channels and tools to communicate with customers. Live Chat services on your website and digital platforms are a simple and low-cost solution. Whatever you think the solution is, just make the communication with customers a priority.

Visito Okomo’s website to find the ways that itcan help you improve your customer journey and lead to satisfied customer. Keep in mind: the attention and care that your company shows to its customers is the main solution to retain customers and gain their loyalty.

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