5 reasons your company should start interacting more directly with your online customers

In a world where companies are relegating their services more and more to the digital world, it is easy to get lost on fast paced services and automatized ways to deal with the transmission of information, forgetting that on each side of chain are individuals, people who expect you to step forward and help them with their doubts and concerns.A lot of e-commerce focused websites are already aware that adding a human factor to their communication and customer support is an important asset to enhance their customer experience. One great solution is adding Live Chat support to their website in order to have a simple and direct channel of communication with their customers or prospects. Tools like Okomo are helping improve conversion rates by adding the human factor that lacks on web-based commerce and services. But there is more.

Keep reading and find out 5 important reasons for starting interacting in a more direct way with your customers

Your company will save money

Having people from your team answering customers’ questions and addressing their concerns on a real time conversation will make them choose a more accurate product or service according to their needs and this reduces the amount of complaints and returns. Having an integrated Live Chat tool like Okomo on your company’s website and other platforms will reduce the helpdesk centre costs because your team can manage their request for calls, while customers and prospects can choose the professional or expert on the field that can best help them, avoiding waiting time or calls on hold that later will be transferred and put on hold again.

It will make you stand out from competitors

Your product or service is great and has the best quality in the market, but today that is not enough for customers to choose you instead of your competition. They want to feel that the company they are buying from cares for them. 71% of online customers expect an answer within 5 minutes after their first contact, if the company is unable to provide that 48% affirms that they will abandon the website[1]. If your company provides customers and prospects a great experience, if they feel cared and someone real is there to support them through their purchase, you will have advantage over your competitors: Customers will not only return for a next purchase, but also recommend your good and attentive service.

Your team will feel motivated

You already learned that adding human interaction to a digital based service is a great way to improve customer satisfaction, but the other side of the chain — your sales team and your customer support team — will also feel motivated and happy with their work. They will contact more closely with customers and prospects, have face to face conversations and build relationships that will add a purpose to their daily tasks, making them feel accomplishment because the results of their work are not some data on a chart on the end of the month, but a kind word or a thankful smile from the other side.

Boost Sales

Having someone available to help customers or prospects with their doubts or guide them through a purchase will make it harder to leave the website with items on the shopping cart. When online buyers feel assured of a product or a service it is more likely for them to go through with their purchase. And since your customers are contacting more directly with your team, relationships of trust will be built. It is probable that after a good experience with one of your team members, on a next contact they will want to talk to the same person. Customers will trust your team’s advice and opinions and this a great opportunity to upselling or cross-selling.

Improve your corporate image

By interacting and communicating more directly with customers, your company or brand will build a transparent and authentic image among them, this will be a way of showing that customers can trust you and your team to make them happy and cared. And because the channel of communication works both ways, start listening what your clients have to say, pay attention to their input and feedback and aply some of the suggestion that they gave you. They will feel that your company listens to them and does not only want them to buy products and spend their money, but to build a trusting relationship is also important. Be honest, conscious and reliable on the way you and your team interact with them. Your company will only benefit from that.

If you want to find out more on how you can integrate direct channels of communication on you website and company’s platforms to start interacting in a more personal and open way with your customers and prospects visit Okomo website, experience our app online, see first-hand how our app works by talking with one of our experts and see how great it is to have someone walking you through your questions and concerns. Come talk to us!

[1] https://econsultancy.com/83-of-online-shoppers-need-support-to-complete-a-purchase-stats/

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