Customer service skills: Core skills to build a better team

Customer service skills are often mistaken with personality characteristics, like being more extroverted than introverted or being friendly. Those are important of course. However, skills are not intrinsic traits of a person, but characteristics and competences that can be developed and improved in any person. For example, as computer skills can be learned and developed, you can also learn how to communicate more clearly. When building a customer service department, as important as the tools and channels that you choose to communicate are the people you select to be the voice of your company.

In this article we point out the most important skills that you should look for in your customer service team and why they are important.


This one is obvious, but we wanted to include it anyway because of its importance. Customers who reach out to customer service are normally frustrated or even angry, so it is important to stay calm and give them time to expose their problem. Listening to them carefully so you can truly understand their needs is a crucial skill for those who work in customer service.


The focus and persistence when resolving a customer’s problem is crucial. Even if you have to follow procedures and protocols, don’t forget that on the other side is a real person with real problems. Knowing this, having the tenacity to go further and find a solution without giving up on the first obstacle that you find on your company’s play book can really bring customer service to a whole other level.


One of the customer service skill to look for in a employee is the capacity of making decisions and stick to them: for better or worse. There is nothing more frustrating for a manager than an employee that keeps transferring customers to him/her, not wanting to take responsibility and commit to solution, due to the lack of assertiveness and decision-making capacity.

Positive mindset

Having a positive posture and attitude reflects on the way someone interacts with others and also on how they express themselves. You want a team with positive mindset, that focus not on the problem, but on the paths to reach solutions. By having positive mindset on your team’s customer care service skill, you are showing your customers that, no matter what the issue may be, your company is driven to make things easy for them, providing a pleasant and easy-going experience.


Whenever a customer reaches out to your customer service department, they want a quick response. Having the capacity to speed the processes, giving a fast and right answer can really boost customers’ satisfaction. Your team is showing that your company acknowledges how the importance of your customers and that their time is valuable.

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