Customer service trends for 2020

We live in a fasted paced world, where everything changes in a blink of an eye. The same happens in the business world. Customer service trends change and with the digital culture taking more space on our lives, it is important to keep up with what is happening and becoming more common in the way people interact.

You and your team must pay attention to these new trends and make an effort to maintain your customer care service updated and capable of performing its best, today and tomorrow. Keep reading to find out what is becoming a trend and may be a standard procedure in this new year that keeps getting closer. The list we present to you are topics that have become more and more emergent throughout the present yea, and seem to represent a growing and leading tendency in 2020.

Customer service teams can work from anywhere

They just need the right tools to keep in touch with their customers. Working remotely may not seem suited for every business, but it is becoming more common with companies that have their main focus on the digital world. This freedom of movement may also help companies to scout the right candidates, with geography and location becoming less of a problem.

Okomo helps your customers and prospect to contact customer service and support easily. You just need internet connection and a suited browser to access Okomo. Therefore, Okomo becomes a practical and simple solution to work from anywhere you want.

Mobile is expanding

According to Trinity Digital Marketing, around 1.2 billion people access internet through mobile devices. This means that if a company is focusing their business, or part of it, in their digital platforms, it is important to keep their access optimized for smartphones or tablets.

You can access the Okomo widget on your computer, smartphone and tablet. Thus, no matter from where your customers are accessing your website or online store, they will always be capable of contacting you through Okomo.

Personalized Experiences

Far gone is the time where companies designed a one-size-fits-all solution and that solution was a fit to every customer. Consumers look, these days, for companies that provide them with tailored services and experiences that serve their needs individually. If your company is able to provide that, customers will develop a loyal relationship with your brand.

Okomo opens a direct channel of communication with your web visitors, making it easy for them to contact an Expert from your team. Customers will have a way of addressing their issues and doubts with a real person that will engage with them in a more personal and human way. A great way of offering a tailored and personalized customer experience and support with minimal effort.

The boom of Live Video

More and more companies are integrating Live Video streaming solution on their websites, opening the door to customers to engage with their team in a more visual way. Live Video or Live Chat not only helps to offer the human and personalized touch that we talked about before, but it also allows new forms of helping your customers through demonstrations, guiding them on some processes like troubleshooting.

Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts.

James Wedmore

Okomo is a sales and service all-in-one communication software. It can be integrated into websites and other online channels within just a few minutes. With Okomo, online visitors can identify the right contact person and communicate direclty with them.

To learn more about Okomo visit our website and learn the many features that can help your business. You can also go for a trial period and see Okomo widget performing on your website.

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