What is new in the Okomo December release?

I am happy to announce our December release, just before Christmas! This update was in the works for more than 7 months, due to a technical issue that was very cumbersome to resolve. After finally resolving this issue, we are excited to make Okomo available also for Experts and Admins on their iPads, iPhones and Macs in the Safari browser!

Welcome, Okomo on Safari

While Okomo has been available for customers from day 1 in Safari, experts and admins had to wait a bit longer to be able to use Okomo from their iPads and iPhones. The reason was that due to technical challenges, we could not enable Okomo on the Safari browsers, and Safari is not (yet) allowing audio- and video-calls from third-party browsers. After investigating the issue over multiple months, we finally found a proper and secure solution. Starting today, experts can interact with their customers and admins can manage the Okomo widget and their experts conveniently with their iPad or iPhone!

With this release, we also spent time to fine-tune the user interface on mobile devices, Android phones and iPhones, to make better use of and optimize the experience on smaller screens.

New communication channel: Screensharing

A customer feedback we heard a lot was that there are cases when experts didn’t need to have an audio- or video-call with their customers, but still wanted to use screensharing. This is now possible!

Customers can select the screensharing channel on their expert of choice’s profile, add their name and email, and then immediately start sharing their screen. Without installing anything! In case you still want to talk to or see the other side, the expert and customer can enable audio- and video-calls by just enabling the microphone and/or camera.

Administrators can, of course, disable the screensharing channel in the Admin Portal.

New Login-Screen

We have redesigned the Expert login-screen to greet our experts in a nice way. This fits our unique Okomo design perfectly. Admins, by the way, will also not have to wait for a new login experience for much longer.

Further optimizations and bug fixes

  • We removed the bing-sound when loading the Okomo button on a website. We are constantly conducting tests and experiments to increase the customer engagement, without being too intrusive. We received feedback that the bing-sound might be a bit annoying, and hence removed it.
  • It is now possible to hide the Okomo Button on the website in case no experts are online. This setting is available for Administrators under Integration > Website. Since customers can still contact you when all experts are offline, e.g. through an offline-message or by scheduling an online-appointment for a later time, we suggest to keep this property deactivated.
  • In addition, administrators can now decide whether to show the Okomo Button on computers & tablets or mobile devices. Again, this setting can be found in the Admin Portal under Integration > Website.
  • We are now sending an info email to newly registered administrators after they successfully set-up the Okomo widget, to let them know how to complete their own Okomo profile and how to answer customer requests with the Expert Portal.
  • We fixed a bug where it did not always show the expert when a customer was typing in the chat.
  • Improved user guidance to send offline-messages
  • Fixed a bug where the live-chat was deactivated during a call, as the customer was falsely recognized as ‘offline’.

We also want to use the opportunity to thank you for your interest, support and trust! We are looking forward to 2020, with a huge list of new features, integrations and improvements that we already have planned. Also in the new year, we are looking forward to all your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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