How chatbots can drive way customers

Chatbots may seem wonderful: assitance 24/7 with minimal costs. But chatbots can really drive way customers and sabotage your business. Keep reading to learn more about this trend and know why chatbots can be harmfull to your customer service or support.

What are chatbots and what are they used for?

You certainly heard the fuss about chatbot and how they can be a solution to help customer assistance. But what are they ?

Chatbots are programs designed to engage with conversations, simulating human behaviour. There are two types of chatbots: Chatbots that have an information database ready to answer a determined number of possible outlines; and Artificial Intelligence Chatbots that are able to update themselves and learn from experience.

When engaging with a customer, a chatbot can help answer quick questions. This helps companies because they have virtual assistance in their websites, working 24/7. Therefore, chatbots are becoming popular because they are automated virtual assistants. They don’t get tired or go home at the end of the they. Companies see in chatbot a way of saving money and resources. But, in the end chatbot can drive way customers and be harmful to your business.

67% of people who have engaged with a chatbot to resolve an issue was not completely satisfied with its effectiveness.


Why can chatbots drive way customers?

Customer service is very important in any business. The way you interact and show yourself available to manage and deal with customer’s concerns, questions and doubts says a lot about your company. When you use a chatbot to deal with a first engagement it can go really well and answer quickly to your customer’s questions. On the other hand, it can be a disaster, leading to a frustrating and negative experience.

Your customer wants to contact support about a problem that he experienced or to address a specific topic, but the communication with the chatbot keeps going in circles, making your customer loose time. This can be a deal breaker and the chatbot resulted on a lost customer.

“The traditional chatbot’s dialogue capability is too inflexible. It can answer to the user only if there is a pattern (lexical) matching between the user query and set of question-answer stored in its knowledge base. (…) Traditional chatbots are lacking in the intuitive capability of human beings to see the meaning, relationships and possibilities beyond the reach of sense.”

Nuruzzaman, Mohammad & Hussain, Omar. (2018). A Survey on Chatbot Implementation in Customer Service Industry through Deep Neural Networks. 54-61. 10.1109/ICEBE.2018.00019.

Because chatbots lack the understanding of human emotions, like sarcasm, they can really deviate from the point of the conversation. Instead of helping resolve an issue they can really escalate it by making a customer unhappy with the way your company offers to communicate. Therefore, chatbots can drive way customers. By delegating customer service and support to a chatbot your company might give the idea of not being available to an open communication.

What is the solution then?

If you are considering ways to improve your online customer service and experience, maybe you should consider choosing live chat. Instead of contacting unpersonal chatbots and have to deal with their lack of empathy, your customers would contact real humans. They will be reaching to real people able to understand emotions and to empathize with their problem and situation.

Customers have plenty of reasons to prefer live chat over a chat bot. The manly reason is the quickness on finding a solution and an answer to their concerns.

Okomo is a widget that you can easily integrate in your website and digital platforms, like social media profiles and email. It is an easy solution to improve customer care and experience. Okomo provides a platform for direct communication, where your customers and prospects can quickly reach someone from your team and chat, call, video call and share their scree. As you see, plenty of functions to enhance customer care and support in only one solution.

While chatbots can drive way customers and harm your business, Okomo can help boost sales and make your company growth. If your curious to see how Okomo performs on your website you can go for a free trial. You can also contact our Experts and see how quick and easy it is for someone to establish contact with a real person.

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