What is new in the Okomo November release?

I am delighted to announce the November release, our biggest update so far. In this blog post I am going to explain how to get the most out of Okomo’s new features and improvements.

Incidentally, we have developed all the innovations in close cooperation with our customers in order to make them as useful as possible.

Increased Engagement with the Okomo Button

Some customers have given us the feedback that the Okomo Button looks cool, but might remind website visitors too much of the classic chatbot buttons ?. Yes, these are the impersonal automation chats that are good at answering simple queries, but are unlikely to replace a personal consultation between the client and the expert. Because of the similarity in appearance, some visitors may be deterred from clicking the Okomo Button, thus missing out on valuable customer-expert interactions.

We have implemented a number of optimizations (and others are under development). First, the classic Okomo Button will show when one or more experts are online to indicate that a real person is behind it:

In the next update, it will also be possible to show the photos of the experts right in the Okomo Button, to show even more clearly that real people, i.e. real experts, are reachable there, and that this is the easiest way for site visitors to reach the people behind a website!

We are also introducing a second button variant, the so called Okomo Banner. Instead of positioning it on the bottom right/left of the website, it is displayed on the left/right side of the window, and looks visually different to the chatbot integrations. In the screenshot on the left you can see the button if at least one expert is online, and on the right if no experts are currently available. Of course, in the latter case, the site visitor can still contact the experts, either via the offline message, or an appointment.

You can enable the new Okomo Banner in the Admin Portal under Widget & Button > Button > Button Form.

Manage Communication Channels

Another improvement that many customers requested is the ability to define which communication channels each expert is offering to website visitors and customers. With this release, it is now possible to select for each expert whether chat, audio calls, video calls, appointment scheduling and screen sharing should be available or disabled. This makes it easier to prevent sensitive data from being displayed via screensharing, or experts who are not (yet) feeling comfortable with making a video call.

This setting can also be accessed through the Admin Portal under > Experts.

Simple Integration of Okomo into Online Channels

To better and more personally advise and take care of your customers and prospects over the various touch-points, we recommend to integrate Okomo into all these touch-points, and online channels respectively. With this I mean not only integrating Okomo into the website, but also to integrate the company’s or expert’s digital business card into social media, the email newsletter or the email signature.

For example, you can add a direct link to your own calendar in the e-mail signature with the note “Book an appointment“. Thus, the repeated back-and-forth to find an optimal timeslot for an appointment can easily be prevented and you save time and money!

Or, you integrate your digital business card into your social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing or Twitter, and are easily reachable to your customers and new prospects:

The integration page in the Admin Portal explains these integrations in detail, and now even includes videos! All these integrations can be completed within just a few minutes!

Easily resume interactions

Another improvement that will make your visitors and prospects happy is that the information and messages are now stored locally. This means that a conversation can easily be continued at a later time without requiring the user to re-entering their name or email address.

In addition, you can now respond to notifications of missed interactions or chats directly via e-mail. Currently the news is not recorded in Okomo, but definitely not lost.

Further improvements and bug fixes

  • In case an expert did not allow his browser to show notifications, a hint is shown. Thus, you will not miss any new interactions or calls!
  • In case an expert did not yet install the Okomo Expert app on Windows or macOs, there is now a hint.
  • We are now explaining to experts and users how they can select the entire screen or a specific window when sharing their screen.
  • Experts are now shown as ‘busy’ during a scheduled call (before they were shown as ‘offline’)
  • In case you want to temporarily hide the Okomo Button on your website for any reasons, you can now do this with a single click in the Admin Portal under Integration > Website. Just don’t forget to re-enable it ?
  • Experts who did not yet finish their onboarding (i.e. confirm their account and fill out their profile) are now not shown in the expert overview anymore in the Okomo Widget.
  • We are now collecting additional metrics that will allow companies to better understand their interactions and engagement with customers, once we are rolling out the statistics and analytics feature.
  • Fixed a bug where the weekday was shown instead of the actual date in the calendar
  • various security fixes and improvements

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