Product expansion: Okomo introduces end-to-end encrypted Group Calling

We at Okomo are pleased to introduce a new and often requested feature – end-to-end encrypted group calling! Okomo’s new group call feature stands out from many other solutions, as voice and video calls can be made securely and end-to-end … Read More

Falling number of shoppers in stationary retail

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, fewer and fewer people have been shopping in stationary retail outlets! This is the conclusion of a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers: “The new shopping norm in Europe”. The study shows that more and … Read More

Integrating Okomo into your Website is easy

At Okomo, we stand for a simple, secure and personalized solution that can be easily integrated into any online channel. In particular, the ease with which Okomo can be integrated into a website and customised is one of our unique … Read More

The secret of effective pitches

Recently, Okomo had the honor of being one of three keynote speakers at the Red Bull event near Frankfurt. The event focused on helping entrepreneurs communicate their ideas, pitching them in an effective and inspiring way – whether in front … Read More

3 attitudes that make you lose customers and spook them for ever

No business wants to lose customers, right? Specially for small businesses, a lost customer can represent a hard hit and, sometimes, teams don’t even realize why this happens. Companies will focus on decreasing prices of products and services, channels their … Read More

Sales 7 deadly sins: and how they make you lose deals

When it comes to sales there are some behaviours that can really make you lose deals. Sometimes you are not seeing it: your attitude is well intentioned or you just don’t realize how it can be perceived by your customers … Read More

The importance of Personalized Customer Service

Great customer service is essential to provide a great customer experience. When your company offers personalized customer service it makes your customers feel special, because you and your team care enough to learn about them and, therefore offer them a … Read More

Customer service for small businesses: how to improve it?

No matter how big or small, customer service is crucial to every business. The way companies deal with customers is very important. But, for small companies, the struggle to have the resources to build a great customer service and experience … Read More

5 problems that customers face (and the solutions that Okomo gives)

It is no secret that costumers are the most valuable asset of any company or business. More important than the investment that is made to gain new clients should be the investment that is made to keep the existing ones … Read More

3 easy tips for building a successful customer support department

Every company, from a small familiar one to a big corporation, knows that the customer is the most important pillar that sustains the whole business. Without them companies lose their purpose and wont’s be able to survive. Thus, customers are … Read More