Consulting independent of time and place

Time bottlenecks, work under high pressure and international assignments are commonplace in consulting firms and agencies. It is therefore all the more important to coordinate internal appointments, consultations and one’s own working hours in order to avoid long and frequent travel and waiting times. With the development of technology over the last few years and the increase in digital affinity of clients, new communication channels, especially video and audio conferences, have proven to be applicable and target-oriented in consulting. Nevertheless, technology problems caused by older, incompatible software and the resulting loss of valuable time are still part of everyday business life (according to Gartner, setting up a single video conference takes an average of 15 minutes).

Okomo puts an end to this loss of time and allows consultancies and agencies to focus on their core competencies. Through a simple browser-based solution, you can talk to your clients through all online channels, not just video or audio, but also exchange files or show drafts and ideas via screen transmission. By using WebRTC, the information exchange is not only direct, but also secure and encrypted, ensuring that only you and your client communicate with each other.

This is why many consultancies and agencies rely on Okomo:


Encrypted end-to-end communication


Simple operation for end customers and experts, no download, no registration


Simple and fast implementation in all online channels, connection to internal systems


Transparent and personal communication with customers


Okomo replaces existing communication tools and opens all online channels

Effective measurable added value

90%+ average net promoter score
53% lower costs through video advice instead of extending opening hours
25% of all customers prefer video consulting

Our customers say so:

“It is important that when customers click on the tool, they have the faces and know that there are people behind it. That was especially important to me. Otherwise, we would have simply installed a normal chatbot. We’ve already been able to generate leads through Okomo and that’s nice, it’s a very streamlined process”.
Thomas Jedelhauser, Marketing Director, Virtido

“Okomo gives our website a personal touch, where the faces behind the company can be addressed directly and individually. This makes a visit to lively and interactive.”
Cloé Jans, Head of Operations, gfs.bern
gfs.bern Case Study

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