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Okomo puts your Clients center stage

allows to effortlessly select preferred communication methods

Expert Filters
Availability Status
Expert Profile
Appointment Scheduler
Voice Calls
HD Video Calls
Design Okomo widgets with your logo, your own background and your own color concept, and adapt it to your corporate design.

Okomo Widget

Make yourself visible!

At just one click visitors can browse through your expert contacts within seconds, directly from your website and online channels!

Flexible & Customisable

Design your very own Okomo widget with your logo, your choice of background and colour concept adapted to your corporate design.

Expert Filters

Finding the right expert at your firm has never been easier

Tailored to you

Use filters to allow clients to find the expert they’d like to speak to at your organization.

Filter: The filter criteria you set will help your site- visitors find the right person to contact in your organisation.

Expert Profile & Availability Status

Evaluation before calling

Clients can easily pick a preferred contact by browsing through images and brief competency- descriptions of the experts that you have online.

Available or not?

Experts show visitors whenever they are available to answer calls or live- chats promptly. Alternatively, there is an easy to use messaging and an appointment scheduling function.

Expert Profile: An image, a brief description and a Competency Overview help to find the right person for every concern.

Appointment Scheduler

What if an expert is unavailable? No problem! The Okomo appointment scheduler makes booking an online meeting easy.

Arranging calls

If an expert is unavailable, your clients can instantly propose three appointment times for a call – without much back and forth.

Confirmation received

At one click, the date agreed-upon can be saved in the calendar. Both, the expert and the client will receive a pre-meeting reminder via e-mail.

Screen share

Demonstrations in real-time

Whether it’s a product demonstration or remote support – share your screens in order to see what’s not working for your customers; without annoying downloads and installations.

Live Chat, Language - & HD Video calls

Your digital business card combines all your online communication.


Your customers can send messages directly over your web browser.


Place voice – and video calls anytime for free. Whether you are around the corner, or on the other side of the world. With Okomo you can get in contact immediately.

Your digital business card bundles your online communication.

Rating & Feedback

Okomo’s built-in feedback feature allows measuring customer satisfaction easily and instantly.

Every opinion counts

After each conversation, your counterpart can give instant feedback. This helps to improve the quality of your customer support.

Okomo integration

Okomo isn’t limited to your website only – it can be placed on social media, in e-mails, and newsletters – allowing customers to connect with you directly through your platforms, without having to leave them.

Easy integration

It only takes five minutes to load your own Okomo widget. Copy a short code snippet into your website and the service is ready to go.

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