Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your first Steps with Okomo

Okomo is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company for businesses that seek personal interaction with customers through their online channels, without having resources of their own to design and maintain a similar solution internally. Okomo is an online communication solution that can be integrated in websites and online channels within minutes. It’s a sales and service communication software through which online visitors can directly access expert profiles to arrange live chats, audio or video calls with screen transfer and data exchange, or simply schedule an appointment to talk to an unavailable expert at a later point. No downloads or registrations are necessary. At Okomo, we believe in the power of human interaction in real-time.

I would like to learn more about: 

On our website you will find all the latest news about Okomo, further information about digitalisation and personal customer advice.

  1. Select and fill in your details.
  2. Click ‘Register’.
  3. Confirm your email address. Please check your inbox and your spam folders.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration, following by creating your personal Okomo Widget.

Congratulations! Your account is now live! Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Okomo has two portals. You can log in to both portals with the same account (e-mail address and password):

  • In the Okomo Expert Portal, you can answer customer requests of your Website visitors and edit your Expert- Profile:
  • In the Okomo Admin Portal, you can configure your Okomo Widget, manage Experts/Consultants and access your Okomo subscription settings:

To test Okomo’s versatility and understand the different scenarios of how your customers can contact you, try the following:

  • Initiate a Live-Chat
  • Start a voice call and activate your camera during the call switch to a video call.

  • Share your screens  (for both, expert and customer)
  • As an Expert, answer a live-message from a client after the client has left the website.

If an Expert is offline:

  • Send an offline-Message to a chosen expert
  • Schedule an appointment as a client, by selecting three appointment options (date and time)

Okomo can be integrated seamlessly into all online solutions. We have developed an app for the most important and best known of these, so that integration is lightning fast.

These include content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla and Typo3), webshop systems (e.g. Shopify), calendar apps (Microsoft Office 365 and Google Calendar) and CRM/ERP systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, HubSpot).

Okomo Expert Portal

On you can log in to your Okomo Expert Portal. Here you can answer your client requests and amend your Expert-Profile. Or you can click on ‘Login’ at the top of this page.

With your customers, you can make audio or video calls, share screens, chat or make an appointment. If you aren’t online, you will receive all missed messages whilst you were unavailable via email.

Tip: For quick access, save the link in your browser under your Favorites.

The digital business card is your personal expert profile. Thanks to the digital business card, your customers can directly see your expertise and, if they are interested, they can reach out to you easily and at any time (through live chat, audio/video call or making an appointment). Use the link to your Digital Business Card as a hyperlink behind a word, e.g. make an appointment. 

Okomo Admin Portal

On you can customize the design of your Okomo Widget and Okomo buttons at any time. You can also manage your existing experts, and add more experts.
Tip: Add this link under Favorites to your browser for quick access.

In case you integrated the Okomo script at the right place on you website (find details in the Okomo Admin Portal under “Integration“) and the Okomo button is still not displayed, this may have the following reasons:

1)  You forgot to save your domain in your  Okomo Admin Portal 

For security reasons, you must enter the domain of each website on which you want to display your Okomo widget. This also applies to test websites. It’s easy to do that by signing into Okomo Admin Portal, and adding all your Website- Domains in the ‘Integration’ section.

2) You are using a Google Tag Manager, which is being blocked by ad blockers.

If you embed Okomo into your site with the Google Tag Manager. Loading the Okomo button may be blocked by some ad blockers. We therefore recommend integrating Okomo directly into your website (see details in the Okomo Admin Portal under “Integration“).

 2) You do not have an SSL certified website (https: // www.):

For site visitors and experts to successfully make a call, your website must have a valid SSL certificate. The installation of such usually takes less than 10 minutes for most web hosts and is usually even free, for example with the  Let’s Encrypt initiative. Ask your web host how to install an SSL certificate and thereby make your website safer and more trustworthy. If for some reason you fail to install an SSL certificate, go to Okomo Admin Portal and select “Open Okomo Widget as a separate pop-up”. Now the connection is running completely over Okomo, encrypted, and the call will work.

If you’ve followed all the steps above and it still does not work, please contact our Support . We are happy to help.

du aus irgendwelchen Gründen kein SSL-Zertifikat installieren kannst, wähle im Okomo Admin Portal die Option “öffne das Okomo Widget als separates Pop-Up”. Dann läuft die Verbindung nämlich vollständig über Okomo, ist verschlüsselt, und der Anruf funktioniert.

Of course! The Okomo Admin Portal allows you to customize your widget with a variety of branding options. These include logo, colours, slogan, and wording.

You can also choose which consultants (= experts) in your company will provide their knowledge and experience through the Okomo Widget.

It is also possible to select which communication channels experts offer their advice or support. For example, you can disable the video call function if desired. You can choose it flexibly in the Okomo Admin Portal by going (as administrator) to the respective expert profile, clicking on the appropriate communication channel and deactivating it (it should then be displayed in white). 

In addition, you can define whether and how website visitors can search for your experts, and what filter criteria (language, expertise, location) they can use to filter experts.

Once your Okomo widget is ready you can integrate it into your website. And that’s easy!

  1. Log into the Okomo Admin Portal
  2. Click on “Integration” on the left side, choose where you want to integrate Okomo and follow the instructions.

You can integrate Okomo into all popular website CMS and shop solutions. Including WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Wix, Shopify, Magento, and many more.

Okomo can be integrated into every online channel within a few minutes:

  • your website
  • your newsletter
  • your social media
  • your e-mail signature
  • your software solution
  • and even your print materials

You can find out how to do this in the Okomo Admin Portal under “Integration”.

No. Since Okomo is built very slimly and efficient, Okomo has no noticeable impact on your SEO performance. Loading the Okomo button on your website will delay the total loading time only minimally.

To minimize the impact on the load time of your website, the required data for Okomo will be only reloaded once a website visitor opens the Okomo widget.

If you purchase a new expert license for an existing account, the new annual license will not be 12 months, but equal to the billing period of your first purchased license. For example, if you buy three licenses and you decide to purchase three more licenses two months later, you’ll only be charged for ten months to adjust the new licenses against your billing cycle.

No, Okomo is flexible, which means that there is no minimum/maximum number of expert profiles that can be set up.

Furthermore, every employee of the organisation can potentially become an expert. The position of the employee within the organisation is not relevant. 

Okomo functions

During a video or voice call, you can share your screen with the ‘screen share’ button next to the hang-up button.

To initiate screen sharing in Google Chrome, go to Screen Sharing> highlight the desired screen in the popup> press ‘Share’.

To initiate screen sharing in Mozilla Firefox, go to Screen share> in the popup, use the dropdown menu to select the desired screen/tool> press ‘Allow’.

Hyperlink your Digital Business Card – link with any chosen wording, e.g. ‘make an appointment’. Clients can then click on this to access your Digital Business card and call you.

Depending on your e-mail provider, there are different ways to edit your e-mail signature. Follow the instructions from your email provider:

For example:
– John Doe
– Sales Manager at “Company”
– make an appointment (hyperlink this with the link to your digital business card)
– Address

  1. Open the Okomo contact window by clicking on the hovering Okomo widget, on the lower right or left side corner on the website of the respective company.
  2. Select the expert you want to contact.
  3. If the chosen expert is online, you can start a call. Click either the phone icon (📞) to start an audio call or the video icon (📹) to start a video call. You can switch between audio and video calls at any time during the call.
  4. Enter your name and, if you want your e-mail address and make sure the microphone and the webcam work (for video calls).
  5. You’re ready to start the call. Once the expert accepts the call, a secure connection is created.
  6. If case the expert is not online, you can make a call-appointment or send a chat message. The expert will then contact you as soon as possible.

Troubleshooting & issues

To get the most out of Okomo and all its features, you need to meet the following technical requirements. We recommend that you review this list in preparation for your first customer contact.

1. device

Okomo works on all popular laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones with Internet access.

For the best experience we recommend using a laptop or PC.

For small screen devices (such as smartphones), the design and functionality automatically adapt to the device.

Note: If many resource-intensive programs are running on your device, call quality may be limited.

2. browser

Okomo works on all popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

We recommend using Google Chrome on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, as well as Apple Safari on iOS.

Note: If you have many browser tabs open, the quality of your call may suffer.

3. Internet connection

We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 1MB / s for upload and download. For video calls and screen share, we recommend a higher bandwidth. Okomo automatically adjusts the quality of the video call to the available bandwidth.

If possible, we recommend connecting your laptop or PC directly to the internet via cable.

If you are not sure if the Internet connection is good enough, you can test it here.

4. microphone

For audio and video calls, a microphone must be connected to your device. You can test your microphone before a call. If you have several microphones connected, you can choose the right one before or during the call.

5. Webcam

If you want to make a video call, a webcam must be connected to your device. You can test the functionality of your webcam before calling. If you have several webcams connected to your device, you can choose the right one before or during the call. You can start a video call or share your screen, even if your counterpart does not have a webcam connected.

With the above, you meet all the requirements for a successful Okomo video or audio call!

There may be several reasons why you receive a lower quality audio or video call. The following are common issues and solutions.

  • Check you meet all system requirements.
  • Check your internet speed. We recommend at least 1MB / s upload and download.
  • At low internet speed, make sure you do not run programs that too require a data connection.
  • If possible, we recommend that you use a network cable instead of WLAN to avoid connection interruptions and to ensure the highest connection quality possible.
  • Check that you have the latest browser version installed. How to find out?
  • Audio and video calls work best in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Make sure your microphone and your webcam (for video calls) are activated.
  • Check your camera access or webcam isn’t blocked by company IT. Contact your system administrator or IT representative.
  • Check you’ve selected the right microphone and webcam. You can also change this during a call by clicking on the gear/settings icon.
  • Check the microphone and the camera are not being used by another program. It’s best to close Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams and other programs that could block the microphone or webcam.

If you are unsure about the above points and still have problems, please contact us.

Okomo supports the following browsers:

Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux):

  • Google Chrome (version 67.0 and higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 60.0 and higher)
  • Apple Safari for MacOS (version 11 and higher)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 17 and higher)

Mobile Android:

  • Google Chrome (version 67.0 and higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 60.0 and higher)
  • Microsoft Edge (version 40.0 and higher)

Mobile iOS / iPad OS:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome: all features available (calls are not technically possible)
  • Mozilla Firefox (calls are not technically possible)
  • Microsoft Edge (calls are not technically possible)

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience.

Google Chrome:

Okomo supports Google Chrome versions 67.0 and later. Google Chrome versions 72.0 and earlier require a browser extension for the Screen Share feature.

On Windows, MacOS and Linux, all Okomo functions work.

In Google Chrome on Android, the screen can not be shared (for technical reasons). Screen contents can be received.

On iOS, Google Chrome can not make or receive calls for technical reasons. Use Safari. In addition, the screen can not be shared; However, screen contents can be received.

Mozilla Firefox:

Okomo is supported by Mozilla Firefox from version 60.0 and higher.

On Mozilla Firefox on Android (for technical reasons) the screen can not be shared. Screen contents can be received.

On iOS, calls can not be made or received in Mozilla Firefox (for technical reasons). Use Safari. In addition, the screen can not be shared; However, screen contents can be received.

Apple Safari

Okomo is supported by Apple Safari from version 11.0 and higher. For technical reasons, the screen can not be shared. Screen contents can be received.

On iOS, the screen can not be shared (for technical reasons). Screen contents can be received.

Microsoft Edge

Okomo is supported by Microsoft Edge version 17.0 and higher. However, currently it is not possible to make calls or screen share.

The next version of Microsoft Edge will support all Okomo functions.

In Microsoft Edge on Android, the screen can not be shared (for technical reasons). Screen contents can be received.

On iOS, calls can not be made or received on Microsoft Edge (for technical reasons). Use Safari. In addition, the screen can not be shared; However, screen contents can be received.

Okomo is 100% web-based and does not require any software installation or account registrations. It is important however that you use a recent version of your browser.

We dynamically adjust the quality of any Okomo video call, depending on changing network conditions. Therefore, bandwidth usage may vary throughout the duration of the call.

The actual bandwidth consumed depends on network conditions. You can use the following table as a guideline for estimating data rates for general use cases:

Okomo supports smartphones and tablets with the iOS, Android and Windows operating system.

The exact functions may vary from device to device. Details can be found in the system requirements.

We don’t believe in proprietary solutions. Meaning you don’t have to install anything to use Okomo.

For audio or video calls, as well as to share screens, we use WebRTC. WebRTC (Web Real-time Communication) is a technology standard for real-time communication via a browser. In other words, with WebRTC, you can make a call directly from your browser. The data is exchanged directly (not via a server).

Under this link, you can find the latest information about WebRTC browser support.

Security and privacy

It’s your decision! If you activate the webcam, you are visible to the other person. Otherwise, your counterpart can only hear you. You can activate or deactivate the webcam at any time during an existing call.

At Okomo, security and privacy are a top priority.

All media traffic is encrypted, regardless of the endpoint you use (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) or your chosen call option (video call, audio call, screen sharing). This means that you are safe with Okomo, even if you use it on a public hotspot.

The complete data transfer is protected by means of the https protocol (TLS) and encrypted in a secure manner. If you click on the lock icon in the upper left corner of the URL bar in your browser, you will get further information about the encryption.

Okomo will keep safe and never share with third parties all data you enter, e.g. during registration, logging in, chatting or calling.

Please note that Okomo has no control over what the company or the expert you contact do with your data. According to Okomo’s Conditions of use, experts/companies promise to dutifully and carefully manage and process your data.

By using Okomo, both parties (expert/company and customer) agree to our Privacy Policy.

When you start an audio or video call, the devices on both sides generate a random key that they exchange encrypted. Subsequently, a direct connection between the devices is created (P2P), for the data to be transmitted directly, without any detours via additional servers. The same applies to the screen share feature.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set a new standard for the use and protection of data of EU citizens by companies.

At Okomo, we prepared well for the GDPR to ensure that we comply with the new regulation and maintain transparency in regard to customer messaging and the use of data.

Useful information

The word ‘Okomo’ is Japanese and stands for a person who is beautiful inside and out. Someone you can always rely on, laugh with and talk about everything. You have so many insider jokes together that it’s hard to keep track. He or she has an amazing taste in music and movies, is a great writer and editor. Has a huge heart. Just an amazing person in every way.