How can I use the 14-day post-processing period after my virtual event?

By using Okomo, you have the opportunity to use Okomo with all the its functions for another 14 days following your virtual event.

In the aftermath of an event, Okomo offers the opportunity to continue to personally and securely exchange information with generated contacts.

The following list shows you all the possibilities to use Okomo in a promising way:

  • Your own website: as your Okomo widget is already available, it is very easy to integrate it into your website afterwards. You can find out how it works here.
  • Newsletter: include the link to your personal business card in your company’s newsletter and allow customers to contact you
  • E-mail signature: use the possibility to insert the link of your digital business card into your e-mail signature to enable a personal way of communication. You can find out how to integrate your personal digital business card into your signature here
  • Survey: Surveys are a great way to get an initial response after an event. Offer the respondents the opportunity to give a direct and personal impression of the mood
  • Online shop (possibly also virtual showroom): Customers often want more information about products and services. Through the integration of Okomo it is possible to offer interested shop visitors a direct product demonstration
  • Social media: Embed your digital business card on all known social platforms. Very easily and conveniently via a direct link in the description of your personal or company profile
  • Blog: Blog posts are a great way to review completed events. Through Okomo you offer interested people the opportunity to review the past event with you.
  • Print media: it is also possible to integrate Okomo via print media. Simply generate a QR code and place it in the appropriate media
  • Direct Mailing: a conversation is often faster and less complicated than e-mail traffic. Include Okomo in your direct mailing to communicate with your conversation partner

With Okomo, online visitors can find the right contact person in the company directly on a website and communicate with this person live via chat, audio or even video call, share the screen, exchange data or simply make an appointment if desired. A download or registration is not necessary for this. Further information:

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