Wix Integration

Wix Integration

In this step-by-step guide we explain how you can integrate Okomo into your Wix website within just a few minutes.

Step 1: Copy the Okomo code-snippet in the Admin Portal

1. Log in to the Okomo Admin Portal and navigate to integration > website

2. Click the copy icon in the code box to copy the Okomo code-snippet for later use.

Shopify Integration Okomo Admin PortalScreenshot EN

Step 2: Open your Wix account and edit your site

1.  Go to your Wix account portal and log in to your Wix account.

2. Navigate to your dashboard.

3. Click on the site actions drop-down menu and click on edit site.

Wix Integration Screenshot EN

Step 3: Paste the Okomo code into the body of your website

1. Click on Settings in the top menu bar and select Tracking & Analysis.

Wix Integration Screenshot EN

2. Select the New Tool option and then click on </>Custom

3. Paste the Okomo code snippet in the now open pop-up.

4. Select to add the code to All Pages and place it in the Body- End.   

Wix Integration Screenshot EN
Wix Integration Screenshot EN

5. If you go back to the Tracking & Analytics window, make sure Okomo is set on enabled and placed in the Body – End section.

6. Well done! The setup it complete and Okomo is now integrated into your website.

7. Log in to your Okomo expert portal to answer your customer requests and speak to the people visiting your website.

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