Okomo presents new cloud infrastructure and now uses Microsoft cloud data centres in Switzerland

We are happy to present you great news about the new Okomo-Cloud infrastructure.

Companies such as UBS, Swiss Re, Die Mobiliar, Skyguide, Swisscom and the city of Zug already rely on Azure in the new cloud regions in Switzerland to meet their strict security and data protection requirements.

Okomo also attaches great importance to secure communication channels and data protection. For this reason, all Okomo servers and web services have now also been moved to Microsoft’s Swiss cloud data centres – data endpoint “Switzerland North”.

It is a central concern of ours that customer data is subject to the European data protection law and is secured in the best possible way. You can find Okomo’s updated data protection regulation under the following link (Privacy Policy).

“In conversations with customers, it has become clear to us that local data storage can be a decisive factor. With the Microsoft cloud in Switzerland, we have the best prerequisites to guarantee the security and data protection requirements of our customers. We are extremely proud that we are now able to guarantee this as well.”

Philipp Rutz, CEO of Okomo

In addition to the increased security aspects, we offer maximum service availability in a network infrastructure with high capacity. This has many advantages for Okomo customers, such as regional latency compensation in the DACH region, through central network centres, system recovery (DR) architectures and embedded encryption models.

Our new horizontally and vertically scalable back-end infrastructure also enables us to handle high user numbers with ease. Complex online communication situations can be easily mapped with a focus on future growth.

This type of investment enables Okomo to meet the needs of our customers, attract new customers and develop new markets.

With Okomo, online visitors can find the right contact person in the company directly on a website and communicate with this person live via chat, audio or even video call, share the screen, exchange data or simply make an appointment if desired. A download or registration is not necessary for this. Further information: www.okomo.com.

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