Falling number of shoppers in stationary retail

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, fewer and fewer people have been shopping in stationary retail outlets! This is the conclusion of a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers: “The new shopping norm in Europe”.

The study shows that more and more people are avoiding the way to the shops to avoid a possible risk of infection. One business area that is particularly affected by this is the stationary food trade. According to the study, around 22 percent of those surveyed now use the online channel to order their food.

The way back to the retail trade

The study shows that it is necessary to provide customers with a contactless shopping experience. This can reduce the fear of infection and bring customers back to inpatient retail. Technology is the keyword here.

At Okomo, our all-in-one online communication solution provides a contactless, yet personalised shopping experience. Using Okomo, retailers and shops can advise customers online in their own showrooms, thus creating enthusiasm for their own products. This also ensures that the risk of infection is significantly reduced for both customers and sales advisors.

You can find everything about online consulting in retail here. Be inspired by one of our many success stories where Okomo has contributed to virtual and contactless customer advice.

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time!

Okomo offers the ability to put the entire customer experience online, with real-time product demos that give the customer a 360-degree view of a product and create a shopping experience that resembles an authentic in-store experience.

Further information: okomo.com

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