gfs.bern introduces fully digital online consulting and achieves digital proximity in times of social distance

Bild der Webseite von GFS Bern mit Okomo

Offering online consulting and strengthening digital presence has become a priority for many companies, not least due to the current situation caused by Covid-19. The internet has become the most important sales and consulting channel for many companies today. Digitalisation – for many companies a project for the future – suddenly becomes a top priority and necessity in order not to lose its right to exist.

The market and opinion research institute gfs.bern is not only considered a pioneer in applied political research, but is also still a pioneer in Swiss political communication today. As a result of digitalisation, however, a capacity problem was identified: during referendums, the high volume of enquiries from the media could not be processed efficiently enough, with the result that some media enquiries were not forwarded to the responsible person or remained unanswered.

As a result, gfs.bern was looking for a solution that would allow direct contact with the responsible persons in a simple, intuitive and secure way. The aim was to be able to interact personally with the respective contact person about a specific issue. And this is exactly where Okomo could help: Okomo makes it possible to establish a personal contact – through a direct customer-expert exchange. As an online multichannel communication solution, Okomo aims to introduce the human component even more into the digital world and is firmly convinced of the potential of human interaction in real time.

“Okomo gives our website a personal touch, where the faces behind the company can be addressed directly and individually. This makes a visit to lively and interactive.”

Cloé Jans, Head of Operations

Thanks to Okomo, website visitors can use filters such as language or expertise to search for their preferred contact person and select the communication channel they feel most comfortable with. The ability to filter experts by language is very relevant for a nationally operating company in Switzerland – with different languages between cantons.

With the digital business card, customers can see the expert’s competencies directly and even which communication channel (live chat, audio/video call or appointment) the expert can be reached through. This means that each expert is available to the customer at any time – regardless of place and time – and can thus be easily reached by the customer.

Okomo offers the possibility – despite social distance – to maintain digital proximity with your customers and partners by offering personal consultations. Ensuring personal advice on all possible touch points of the Customer Journey and enabling secure, smooth and consistent communication – that is the Okomo customer promise!

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