Institute Montana Zugerberg conducts its parent/teacher conference completely digitally with Okomo

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Europe and the increase in suspected and confirmed cases in Switzerland, the school management of our client Institute Montana Zugerberg has decided to close the school until the beginning of the Easter holidays and for the first time in its school history has also conducted its parent/teacher conference completely virtually with the help of Okomo.

The well-known Institute Montana Zugerberg is an international private school in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland and organises its own annual parents/teacher conference where teachers, staff, interested parents and their children can exchange ideas and discuss all questions concerning education at Institute Montana.

Set up within a few days, and after an initial online training supported by Okomo (see pictures below), almost 40 teachers and staff from Montana have spoken with interested parents and children via audio and video communication, completely virtually and independent of location.

Setup within few days..
and perfectly instructed…
and it’s live!

“Okomo has proven to be of extra-ordinary support to us. It was fantastic that you guys made this work for the Parents Teacher Conference last Saturday. (…) We are more than willing to “testify” for the values of Okomo.”

Alexander Biner, Director & President of board of directors

Montana’s Admissions team is also currently working from home office. The Institute strongly believes that personal interaction remains essential, especially when it comes to the education of children, emotional aspects are important. Therefore, even in the current challenging situation, they want to keep communication as personal as possible and, in addition to e-mail and telephone, they are available/reachable via live chat and video call thanks to Okomo.

Find the right person at Montana directly through the website thanks to Okomo.
Video consultation from home office. Without download or registration.

Thanks to Okomo, website visitors can easily search for their preferred contact person using filters such as language (German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, etc.) or topics and select the preferred communication channel they feel most comfortable with.

We are very pleased that, despite the limitations of the corona virus, we were able to help Institute Montana Zugerberg to a successful virtual event and we are pleased/happy to see that Okomo will continue to be used for Montana’s online communication in the future.

Thank you, Montana-team, for the trust you have placed in us.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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