What’s new in the Okomo June Release?

We are constantly improving and expanding the Okomo service. Hence, we prioritize customer requests, our own ideas in our roadmap and bug fixes to make agile decisions month after month on which features and improvements currently have the greatest added value for our customers.

Features for E-Commerce and virtual Events

One of Okomo’s strengths is to virtually connect customers, prospects and website visitors with experts from a company, and then advise or support them via the desired channel. With Covid-19 and an increased tendency to work from home, the demand has further increased and expanded: For example, it is currently no longer or only to a limited extent possible to hold physical trade fairs and conferences. The situation is similar with products that you have to advertise virtually and be able to show in the virtual showroom.

Okomo has invested heavily into these scenarios in recent months and can proudly look back on a couple of success stories. Among them is the virtual conference of the Institut Montana Zugerberg, the 5-day B2B conference for digital marketing and e-commerce DiMarEx, or Dicota‘s virtual showroom.

For these use cases, we’ve implemented the following features:

  • While Okomo’s foundation is enable an customers to find the ideal expert for their inquiry, it is often sufficient for virtual showrooms if the first available person answers the inquiry. There is now an e-commerce feature that we can configure for you on request. It allows several experts to share an account and to be able to make several calls at the same time.
  • In scenarios described above, it was often also desired that when clicking on the Okomo button the expert overview or an expert profile was not displayed first, but that the call could be started as quickly as possible. We can also configure this setting for you on request.
  • You can now also greet end customers with a customizable welcome message in the chat.

All interactions in the same location

All interactions are summarized

Interacting with customers can be very versatile with Okomo: for example, it may start with a request for an online appointment that you confirm. Then you have the agreed video call (conveniently without any installation or plug-ins). After the call, you will receive a rating for your advice / support from the customer. Later, the customer has a question and therefore contacts you again via chat. These and other information is now summarized under the interactions, where you previously only found the chat messages.

In a later release, it will also be possible to archive interactions and mark them as read or unread. An export has been possible since the April release.

Simplified Website Integration

An intuitive and efficient use of Okomo is our top priority. That is why we are constantly working on making it easier and faster for you to register your company, to onboard new experts and to integrate the Okomo Button into the website.

For new customers there is now a button in the Admin Portal under Integration > Website with which you can email all the information required for the integration directly to your webmaster.

In addition, you will now see in the console of your browser (F12 developer tools) insights into what might be the reason if the Okomo Button is not displayed on your website.

More information on the integration of Okomo into your website for the most common CMS systems and webshops can be found here.

Improved Call Initiation

New Pre-Call Screen

In order to make it as easy as possible for customers to reach a selected expert with just a few clicks, we have made further improvements to the call experience:

  • We have revised the pre-call screen, i.e. the page on which customers state their name and email address, and can test the devices (camera, loudspeaker and microphone). At first glance, it is now clear whether the camera is switched on or off and the settings are reduced to what is necessary.
  • As soon as the customer starts a call, information is now also displayed as to whether the expert can see and/or hear the customer.
  • Incidentally, it is possible to adjust the quality during a call, ideally if the device used is a bit older and does not have enough resources to transmit or receive the call in HD quality.

Okomo Service Status

Okomo Status Page

While Okomo generally runs very stable and reliable and we are investing heavily in stability and scaling, it can happen that the Okomo service is not available for a short period of time. Reasons for downtimes can be releases, errors causing the Okomo service to restart, or outages from Microsoft Azure or Twilio. To keep you informed at all times, we have set up a statuspage that runs on a separate server so that we can reliably inform you of the Okomo Service status in the event of problems. In addition, pop-ups in the Expert and Admin Portals inform you of planned releases or outages.

Additional optimizations and bug fixes

In this release we also made numerous improvements to the stability and bug fixes:

  • Fixed several bugs related to timezones in the online-appointment scheduling
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible for the customer to cancel an online appointment
  • In case an Okomo Widget only shows one expert, we’ve optimized the UI to display no back button.
  • A notification is no longer displayed when a customer returns to the chat and the expert is already in the chat.
  • The chat is now hidden in video calls and screen sharing sessions in order to focus on the video. It can be opened at any time with the arrow or by sending/receiving a message.
  • A bug has been fixed in the Admin Portal, which required you to select a photo twice every time you wanted to upload an expert photo.
  • The representation of the expert name (e.g. “André Meyer”, “André M.”, “A. Meyer”) is now correctly reproduced in all emails and end customers.

Many of these improvements and optimizations have been created in close cooperation with our customers, fans and testers. We would like to thank you for the valuable support!

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