What is new in the Okomo May-Release?

Google Kalender Logo connects with Okomo bubble

We are very pleased to launch our latest release today. After we published an integration in the Microsoft Office 365 calendar in April, we are now publishing the same integration into the Google Calendar.

New: Google Calendar Integration

Goolge Kalender Button
Google Calendar Integration

Connect your Google Calendar with Okomo to allow customers to only schedule online-appointments at times you are available and not already busy. Scheduled events are also automatically added to your calendar.

On our integration page, we explain how you can connect your Google Calendar to Okomo in just a few steps. We do everything else automatically for you!

Additional Optimizations and Bug fixes

With this release, we have fixed various minor bugs. For example, a newly onboarded expert is now better informed when the invitation link has expired. We thank all customers for the valuable feedback to improve the stability and bug fixes of Okomo!

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