What is new in the Okomo April release?

We are very pleased to announce our latest release. Among other things, we implemented the most requested integration to date:

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Connect your Office 365 or Outlook.com calendar to Okomo so that customers can only book online appointments at times when they are available and not yet busy. Scheduled online appointments are automatically added to your calendar.

All details on connecting your office calendar to Okomo can be found on the integration page.

Preview: In the meantime, we are already working on our next integration with the Google Calendar.

Optimizations of Audio- and Video-Calls

Answer a call with a chat-message

We’ve made several improvements to how we are handling audio/video calls. You probably know the situation when a customer wants to call you via Okomo and you need to complete your current task first. You can now also answer an audio/video call or screen sharing request via chat, thus briefly informing the customer that you will be available in a few minutes.

We’ve also made several optimizations to how we are initiating the connection between two devices for a video or audio call. Before this release, it sometimes connected the call on the customer side 1-2 seconds earlier than on the expert side. Now, the call starts at the same time on both sides.

On devices with weaker hardware (especially reduced processor/CPU performance) or when you have many open programs and browser tabs, you might have encountered some delays with video or screen sharing feed. This is due to the fact that the transmitter or receiver device does not have enough resources to e.g. receive the feed from the webcam, convert, and send to the other device, as well as receive the video-feed of the other person at the same time. Improving this means (temporarily) reducing the video quality. The underlying technology, WebRTC, optimizes this automatically based on the current internet connection. However, this does not always work reliably, especially when the computer is overloaded. Therefore, we have now limited the default settings for calls as follows:

  • Video calls are transmitted with a maximum resolution of 1280×720 in HD quality at 24fps. This allows professional video advice and support in high quality.
  • Screen sharing calls are transmitted with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 in FullHD quality at 15fps. The resolution is higher to ensure that the transferred window is readable.
  • Audio calls are limited to a maximum of 16kbps. This is perfect for regular calls and discussions that don’t involve music.

Optimizations in the Chat

In case an end user changes to another subpage of your website while the chat is active, the chat will now automatically reopen.

In addition, it is now possible to export a chat and send the export via email to yourself.

Updates to the Okomo Admin Portal

Administrators can now manage the filters and availability of their experts directly in the Admin Portal:

An experts’ profile information, filters, availability and communication channels can be managed directly within the Okomo Admin Portal

There is also a new setting with which only the available (online) experts are displayed in the Okomo widget, provided that at least one expert is online. This shortens your response times, since end customers only contact experts who are currently available. The setting can be found in the Okomo Admin Portal under Appearance > Widget & Button > Additional Settings> “Should the Okomo widget only show experts who are currently available (i.e. online)?”.

We have also released an update to our Okomo code which is integrated into your website. This code is a bit longer than the 1-line you’ve used until now, but has the advantage that it can load the Okomo button asynchronously in the background and is much more stable against delays. In case Okomo is ever not available (e.g. due to an outage) or the server responds with a delay, your website will still be loaded without delays. We highly recommend using the new Okomo code. You can find it in the Okomo Admin Portal under Integration > Website.

Further optimizations and bug fixes

  • The widget now shows experts in a random order, sorted by their availability (online, busy, offline)
  • It is now possible to delete the company logo in the Okomo Admin Portal
  • Calendar entries now contain information to optimally prepare for a phone call
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the online-appointment booking feature on end user side
  • New support button in the Expert Portal to quickly reach us in case you have questions
  • Fixed a bug with pre-filtered experts
  • Fixed a bug when an expert was already shown before finishing the onboarding
  • Improved user guidance when login credentials are wrong
  • Fixed a bug with the switching experts’ pictures in the Okomo Button
  • Fixed a bug when a notification was shown when a user visited the chat page, but didn’t send a message
  • Fixed a bug where the user and expert were not shown as “is typing” anymore
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t allow users to cancel a scheduled online-appointment
  • Improved logging (anonymous telemetry data, no PII involved) which allow the efficient exception handling
  • Minor bugfixes which caused a short server outage on the 24.04.2020

Most of the improvements and optimizations that we have made with this release have arisen in close cooperation with our customers, fans and testers. We would like to thank you for the valuable support!

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