Integrating Okomo into your Website is easy

At Okomo, we stand for a simple, secure and personalized solution that can be easily integrated into any online channel. In particular, the ease with which Okomo can be integrated into a website and customised is one of our unique selling points that we are proud of.

Okomo integrations

To make it even easier for our customers to integrate Okomo into their own website or webshop within minutes, we have provided instructions and tutorials for the most popular content management systems and webshops.

Our instructions will guide you step by step through the integration. Screenshots and illustrations of the individual steps as well as notes on special cases will also support you.

The following guides and tutorials for the most popular CMS are now available:

In addition to the above mentioned CMS, it is also easily possible to integrate Okomo into your website using the HTML code we provide. No programming knowledge or deep IT understanding is required – just copy and paste the code and Okomo is fully integrated. A short guide to HTML integration, you can find here. If you have any questions regarding the integration, feel free to contact us. On our integration website you will find many more integrations, such as calendar integration with Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365.

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