Product expansion: Okomo introduces end-to-end encrypted Group Calling

We at Okomo are pleased to introduce a new and often requested feature – end-to-end encrypted group calling!

Okomo’s new group call feature stands out from many other solutions, as voice and video calls can be made securely and end-to-end encrypted (peer-to-peer), even with participants. Experts or visitors can easily be invited to each call via direct link or email, so it is possible to invite other customers as well as experts from your own company for consultation, making online consultation easy and secure even for a larger group.

Invite further customers via direct link or e-mail as well as additional available employees from the company at the click of a mouse

During a secure video group discussion, it is still possible to give customers a live product demonstration directly or to broadcast the screen.

The following still applies: no download, no registration – but always secure and encrypted!

Group Calling in full screen view
Group calling in the collapsed view

At Okomo, our mission is to provide users with the best possible experience, regardless of time and place. To this end, we also offer them various configuration options before or during an Okomo call. This allows the user to choose their preferred microphone or speaker. If necessary, the call quality can also be manually adjusted if the internet connection is not optimal, to avoid dropouts or delays.

Happy Calling!

With Okomo, online visitors can find the right contact person in the company directly on a website and communicate with this person live via chat, audio or even video call, share the screen, exchange data or simply make an appointment if desired. A download or registration is not necessary for this. Further information:

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