Edelline introduces digital online communication and thus creates personal customer contact in online travel consulting

Price pressure, speed and anonymity are part of everyday life for many travel providers today. Everybody wants to steal the customers away from their competitors with even lower prices and offers. According to a study, the global travel market has developed from 629 billion US dollars in 2017 to around 818 billion US dollars (forecast for 2020). The exact figures for 2020 are, of course, subject to corona effects and are likely to be somewhat lower. Nevertheless: It shows what an enormous development the travel industry will bring with it. But what usually falls by the wayside is the personal contact with experts, who really deal with the interests, but also problems and questions of the customers. Many customers buy trips mostly on the recommendation of others, without really dealing with the trip itself. But what happens if problems occur before, during or after the trip? Even today, it is important for people to have personal contact. Experts who know what they are talking about.


The Swiss travel company edelline was also faced with precisely these challenges. On the one hand, the company stands for extraordinary travel experiences and personal customer care, on the other hand, the competition from large providers such as booking.com or kayak is enormous. Questions were raised like: Is it possible to convey the passion for qualitative travel offers? How can one still guarantee personal customer proximity?


In this context, edelline was looking for a solution that would allow them to establish direct contact with their customers in a simple, intuitive and secure way. The aim was to be able to have a personal interaction with the respective customer about a specific issue. This is exactly where Okomo could help: Okomo makes it possible to establish a personal contact – through a direct customer-expert exchange. As an online multichannel communication solution, Okomo aims to introduce the human component even more into the digital world and is firmly convinced of the potential of human interaction in real time.

As a small company, personal contact with our customers means a lot to us.

Beat Ackermann, CEO & Owner

Thanks to Okomo, website visitors can use filters, such as expert reports or destinations, to search for the right contact person and select the communication channel they feel most comfortable with. The ability to filter experts by destination is very relevant for a company in the tourism industry, with many different destinations and customer requirements.

With the digital business card, customers can see the expert’s competencies directly and even which communication channel (live chat, audio/video call or appointment) the expert can be reached through. This means that each expert is available to the customer at any time – regardless of place and time – and can thus be easily reached by the customer.

With Okomo we offer our customers a practical and simple solution to contact us at any time. Our employees can customize their profile. Thanks to the expert filter, our clients can directly select the correct contact person for their request.

Beat Ackermann, CEO & Owner

Thanks to the team of edelline for the trust and the great cooperation.

Okomo is the most seamless & personal way of interacting with online customers and prospects. More information: www.okomo.com.

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