Institut Montana Zugerberg relies on Okomo for conducting its parent/teacher conferences

Normally, parent-teacher meetings are held offline. This is also the case at the Swiss boarding- and day school Institut Montana Zugerberg. During these confidential discussions, teachers exchange information with parents about their children’s academic performance, share ideas and discuss all questions concerning education at Institut Montana. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this conference was simply held virtually, using Okomo’s all-in-one communication solution. Parents could easily select a suitable time slot in advance via the calendar function and book a private consultation with the desired teacher.

We are very pleased that, despite the restrictions imposed by the corona virus, we were able to help Institut Montana Zugerberg to a successful virtual event and we are pleased to see that Okomo will continue to be used for Montana’s online communication in the future.

Thanks to Okomo, website visitors can easily use filters such as language (German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, etc.) or topics to search for their preferred contact person and select the preferred communication channel they feel most comfortable with.

Thank you Montana team for the trust you have placed in us.

Everyone stay healthy!

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