The city of Baden creates proximity to its citizens by involving Okomo

In times of advancing digitalisation, it is important for cities, municipalities and local authorities to be in constant exchange with their citizens and guests.

We are therefore very proud to help the cultural and spa town of Baden in the Swiss canton of Aargau with Okomo, its new central online communication channel, to enable direct personal exchange with its citizens, also virtually, thus creating further positive citizen experiences.

Thanks to Okomo, our customers of the cultural and spa city can contact us at any time and get advice from anywhere.

Alexander Carisch Head of Urban Development / Location Marketing City of Baden

Thanks to the city of Baden for their trust and a great cooperation!

With Okomo, online visitors can find the right contact person in the company directly on a website and communicate with this person live via chat, audio or even video call, share the screen, exchange data or simply make an appointment if desired. A download or registration is not necessary for this. Further information:

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