Voices of Okomo with Olaf from Disrupt Media

Voices of Okomo is our new video series, where we hand the microphone to the people, who use Okomo in their work and private lives.

At Talkomo, our first Okomo event, we had, besides many new faces, some of our first customers as guests. Olaf Kunz from Disrupt Media has been with us for a long time and is one of our closest confidants. He has been elegantly manoeuvring through the online jungle for decades and knows the problems and potential of digital customer service only too well.

Voices of Okomo with Olaf Kunz

Thanks Olaf, for your exciting reports and forecasts

Interest aroused? If you’re interested in taking your customer interactions to the next level, register today for a free demo.

To learn more about Disrupt Media and Olaf’s work call him personally via his Digital Business Card


Or visit him at


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