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Digital customer interactions with OKOMO are convincing

How do companies communicate with their prospects remotely, as if they were on-site together? Our customers have found a solution to this with OKOMO and today successfully rely on personal rather passive interactions. They successfully advise their customers remotely and create proximity through digital communications with OKOMO.

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«With OKOMO, parents and interested parties can easily contact our administration and teachers. Appointments are made immediately and if the person is online, it is possible to talk via online chat.»

- Carmen Kocher, Director / Head of School Collège Lycée Saint-Charles, Porrentruy -

«With OKOMO and our virtual wine shop, we can offer our customers remote advice that is as personal and authentic as if they were on-site.»

- Cédric Lagger, Project and Marketing manager, Chez Grisoni -

«Prospective students can immediately see in the OKOMO widget who is online  and contact them immediately. This eliminates the need for an intensive and lengthy search.»

- Beatrix Altmeyer, Fair Management, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg -

«In addition to personal consultations in the showroom, OKOMO also offers us the possibility to advise customers quickly and easily via digital channels. An added value that our customers appreciate and are happy to use.»

- Simon Röthlin, Head of Marketing, Colombo la famiglia AG -

«With OKOMO, we get to remotely advise our customers in person, which allows us to actively differentiate ourselves from our competitors and at the same time reduce our CO2 emissions through less travel time.»

- Ruedi Nauer, CEO, Dicota -

«With OKOMO we provide our customers with a practical and simple solution to contact us at any time. As a small company, personal contact with our customers means a lot to us.»

- Beat Ackermann, CEO & Owner, edelline AG -

«Our customers and us need a partner we can always rely on, who reacts flexibly to customer requests and builds an event experience together with us. We have found this partner in OKOMO.»

- Michael Schreiber, Area Manager Region Centre, Enocre Global -

«Right from the start, we knew that OKOMO would be the right tool for us for digital customer interactions. With OKOMO, we can interact with customers and partners in real time in a personal, authentic and secure way.»

- Sergio Devito, Managing Director, fmch Versicherungen AG -

«OKOMO gives our website a personal touch: the faces behind the company can be addressed directly and individually. This makes the visit to gfs.bern.ch lively and interactive.»

- Cloé Jans, Head of Operations, gfs.bern -

«OKOMO allows us to demonstrate our Gottardo lamps in a personalised way and in real time. Our customers appreciate the live communication via OKOMO, true to our motto: "We are always live for you!»

- Adriano Caruso, Head of Lights, gottardo LED -

«OKOMO is the best solution for digital communication for us. For the second time, we successfully used OKOMO to communicate with stakeholders at our annual digital startup conference.»

- Svenja Hodel, Communications Manager, Life Science Factory -

«OKOMO has proven to be an exceptional support for us. It was fantastic that you guys put this together for the parent-teacher conference last Saturday. (...) We are more than happy to "bear witness" to OKOMO's values.»

- Alexander Biner, Director & President of the Board, Institut Montana Zugerberg -

«We were very successful with our 2021/2022 training fairs thanks to Uwe Halpaap. OKOMO made it easier for our exhibitors to interact with young professionals - and Uwe was always there to support us as a competent contact person.»

- Sascha Bornemann, Head of Market Media Service, NORDSEE-ZEITUNG GmbH -

«We chose OKOMO because it can do much more than 'make phone calls'. The calendar function for scheduling appointments, screen sharing, chat and actively reaching out to visitors make OKOMO an all-in-one tool.»

- Melanie Al-Denn, Sales & Marketing, Pink Event Service GmbH & Co. KG -

«OKOMO ist ein klasse Tool für die Integration in virtuelle Messen und anderen digitalen Events! Äußerst vielfältig in den Möglichkeiten, dennoch übersichtlich im Handling. Dies führte zu mehr Effizienz bzw. besseren Ergebnissen für alle!»

- Lars Plettau, Marketing/Vertrieb/Strategie, pott.digital -

«OKOMO gives us the ability to connect with customers quickly, easily and securely - without third-party software barriers or other hurdles. The setup was as easy and intuitive as the interaction with the tool.»

- Philipp Rauh, Creative Director, SEG Sparkassen-Einkaufsgesellschaft mbH -

«For our website visitors, it is useful and easy to reach out to us for a discussion using video or chat. The use of OKOMO as an innovative communication tool is very reliable.»

- Christian Schätz, Head of Marketing & Sales, PSYMA GROUP AG -

«Thanks to OKOMO, our customers in the City of Culture and Spas can contact us at any time and get advice from anywhere. All quite simply from their browser without the need to install anything.»

- Alexander Carisch, Head of Urban Development/Location Marketing, City of Baden -

«It is important that when customers click on the tool, they have faces and know that there are actual people. Not like with a chatbot! We have already been able to generate many leads via OKOMO, this is convenient and a very easy process.»

- Thomas Jedelhauser, Marketing Director, Virtido AG -

«For me, OKOMO is the perfect link between the digital and physical worlds.»

- Thomas Bühler, Thomas Bühler, Owner/Manager, R. Bühler AG -

«OKOMO's unique all-in-one communications solution is the ideal complement to the Expo Smart marketplaces portfolio. A very special thanks goes to Uwe Halpaap, who gives us excellent advice and active support.»

- Udo Weller, Owner and Managing Director, weconfair GmbH -

«Interaction with the audience is an important part of virtual events. Through OKOMO, our exhibitors have a direct line to visitors at their digital events. One click and you're in a conversation. The integration is totally easy. Thank you OKOMO.»

- Maik Breilmann, Managing Director, EXPO IP -

«Thanks to OKOMO, distance to my wedding couples is irrelevant. The preliminary discussions and detailed arrangements take place as naturally as if we were sitting face to face. I can invest the travel time saved in the creative writing of my speech.»

- Melanie Halpaap, Freelance Wedding Speaker, Der Rede Wert -

«Thank you OKOMO! During the quarantine, it was important for us to offer our customers a new support channel. OKOMO gave us this opportunity. Our customers can now take full advantage of our video call consultations from home.»

- Holger Trauth, Business Owner, Apotheke am Collegienhof -

"We have been using OKOMO since 2020, a tool that offers us everything we need to connect with our website visitors quickly and easily. OKOMO is now a permanent part of our homepage."

- Andreas Willam, Marketing Manager, Impuls Küchen GmbH -

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