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Strong performance with no compromise

OKOMO ist quick and easy to integrate into all of your omni-channel applications. Integrating OKOMO will not be a complex IT project. You are ready to go in just a few hours. Our strong team is at your side during integration and we make no compromise when it comes to data protection.

Data protection management

Risk compliance criteria

Compliance with the EU-GDPR is a mandatory part of modern business management - many of our customers are subject to the strictest data protection guidelines. The use of OKOMO meets the highest security standards.


+ 100% Data Security

+ Absolute GDPR-compliance

+ End-to-end encryption video calling (for group calls too) 

+ Swiss data center


More information in the Legal Center:
Data Processing Agreement (DPA), Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Legal Center

Reach your goals securely

A sophisticated piece of software for all your interfaces

OKOMO_develops with heart and mind


We build our software
with love and passion

We continuously develop OKOMO together with our customers. Their wishes and the wishes of their target groups are the measuring stick of our actions. This way, you'll remain one step ahead of the competition.




Customer-centric service is
at the heart of our DNA

Just like your customers, we rely on quick and sharp answers. You have a question? We won't push you away with impersonal FAQs. Personal service is our motto and we are there for you.




Security is more than
just a symbol

OKOMO is GDPR-compliant and guarantees the highest data security with end-to-end encryption of video and audio calls. Our software is ideal to meet even the most complex cloud risk requirements.

Always by your side

Our GDPR experts


If you have any questions about risk compliance, data security or integration, please reach out to us. We will be happy to support you and your data protection officers in the processes up to go-live.

Leverage our expertise:

+ Risk management for strict software compliance

+ Audit and support for high risk/IT approval processes

+ Support on cloud risk issues, etc.

Contact our experts
DSGVO Management
Support from OKOMO

We will accompany you throughout the implementation project

Service & expertise

Thanks to our experience we can help you with the roll-out to activate OKOMO quickly and easily. If you'd like, we can support you in all aspects and help with the integration of your widget. In addition, we are happy to help with internal change management so you can activate your individual expert profiles. You'll be ready to go very quickly and benefit from the many advantages of OKOMO in no time.


+ Train your teams

+ Project roll-out und implementation

+ More tips for your sales & marketing strategy with OKOMO

+ Resource planning etc.

One line code

OKOMO's integration is extremely flexible 

... activated with single line of code


Your company ...

... gets access to the admin and expert portals to administer the company widget and expert profiles.


Your widget ...

... can be customised to your needs in the admin portal (design, availability, filters, communication channels, etc). The button and widget are integrated onto your website with a single line of HTML code.


Your experts ...

... set up their profile in the expert portal and specify at what times, via which channels they can be reached, for remote advice.


Your customers ...

...visits your website and can easily start a conversation from the browser, with no download or registration. The end-to-end encrypted discussions are GDPR compliant and meet the highest security standards.


Overview of all possible applications

OKOMO integrates to your website, but also to every other touchpoint

OKOMO_integrated on websites and in every touchpoint

 OKOMO stands for

Personal. Simple. Safe.


High Quality

With ♡ from Switzerland
on Swiss data centers

100% safe & encrypted

100% safe

End-to-end encryption



Optimal data protection, GDPR compliant

Award winning


Multiple awards for Best Retail Case

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Personal service & support

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