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Lukas GubserApr 27, 2023 3:25:14 PM1 min read

Circle-Mode - new call interface for better user experience & usability

Spring is finally here and with it comes numerous changes and innovations. Also at OKOMO we have decided to give our call interface a new shine to offer our users an even better experience.

We are especially proud to present the new Circle mode. This allows users to have conversations in a circular arrangement, creating a more natural and interactive conversation experience. Circle mode is particularly well suited for client presentations on the website, as it appears as if the advisor is appearing directly from within the website. The new circular arrangement also allows for optimal communication and collaboration during group calls.


Circle Mode - Group Call


In addition to Circle mode, we've also implemented other improved functionality and usability. This means that users can now more easily invite participants or start a screen share during the call. Audio and video quality has also been further improved to provide an even better conversation experience.

We're sure you'll appreciate the new features and revamped design of the OKOMO call Interface. Just give it a try and give us a call! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting developments!