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Lukas GubserOct 25, 2022 7:55:00 AM1 min read

OKOMO at the Digital Days Switzerland 2022


SME transformation also means new leadership culture

The digital future for SMEs is multifaceted and full of innovations. We were delighted to be part of this event, where exciting content was offered on the digital mindset. After all, digital transformation involves many new developments in the area of customer needs, automation, metaverse, etc. 

To be fit for the future, you need modern, proactive leadership approaches and a clear attitude towards digitalization. This means exploring new organizational forms and redesigning collaboration with customers, partners, but also within the team. As part of the Swiss Digital Days 2022, workshops, roundtables, use cases and two exciting on-site events were offered, together with experts from the field. Steps towards "new leadership culture and digital mindset" were discussed and solutions were presented.

Our founder & CEO Philipp Rutz together with Tobias Bussmann, CEO of Hello Nina AG and Maria De Bon of Gryps AG explored the question - Digital customer consulting, as personal as on-site?.

Online, immediately and as quickly as possible, customers today want to inform themselves, shop and be advised - almost as if they were standing in a store. Yes, personal consulting remains central, but how does the interaction succeed in the virtual space?

Recording of the practical webinar by OKOMO (German)


Link to webseite:
Schweizer Digitaltage
Link to video: OKOMO Youtube Channel