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Online Live Video-Beratung
Florian BenkeNov 4, 2022 10:02:38 AM3 min read

The virtual wine shop Chez Grisoni offers personal live advice online

In the wine shop of Chez Grisoni, wine can be experienced in on site and online . New is a personal online live advice from the sommelier with the possibility of showing the exclusive and comprehensive wine collection live via video.

The starting point: personal wine advice and individual service

An in-house sommelier is available to customers for advice and recommendations and finds suitable wines for the festive occasion, the garden party or the romantic dinner for two. Chez Grisoni focuses on personal advice and individual attention. Experienced staff guides customers through outstanding growing regions and surprises with their exquisite selection of young wineries and lesser-known regions. In the evenings, the cozy business premises are transformed into a wine bar that invites customers to linger beyond regular business hours to enjoy a glass or two. 


"In addition to the special variety of selected wines, our customers come to us to our wine shop primarily because of the personal service." 

René Graf Grandits, Head-Sommelier, Chez Grisoni AG 

The challenge: Consumer preferences and customer needs are changing – and not just because of Corona

Apart from Corona-related lockdowns, Chez Grisoni had in any case noticed a change in shopping behavior over the course of the last few years: Customers increasingly want to shop online, as independently of time and place as possible, but do not want to forego personal advice. Consequently, there was a strong demand by e-mail and telephone for products offered via the online store, but this could not be answered efficiently due to the time delay or communication problems. As a result, especially the unknown wines and insider tips sold less well online and Chez Grisoni was forced to work out alternative sales concepts in order to offer personal advice online as well.

The solution: online video consulting with OKOMO

Quickly, the idea of video consulting came up to give customers the possibility to visit the wine shop virtually from the comfort of their home or even on the go. This allows customers not only to get personal advice, but also to be shown products live and in real time.  In the search for suitable solutions and partners to implement a virtual wine shop, three points were particularly important:

  • Easy handling of the video consulting software for sommelier and customer
  • Possibility for live contact and appointment scheduling via the own website and other online channels
  • Personal assistance during implementation

Since common video telephony solutions such as Zoom could not cover these requirements, an alternative was sought and OKOMO was found. In addition to providing its own software, OKOMO provided Chez Grisoni with individual support in implementing the virtual showroom.

"With the virtual wine shop and OKOMO, we can also offer our customers online offer advice that is as personal and individual as on site."

Silvana Ruci, Basel Site Manager, Chez Grisoni AG 

The innovative offer and the idea of the virtual wine shop has met with great interest among customers. The personal virtual consultation in combination with efficient logistics (ordered by 4:00 p.m., delivered the next day), enables a unique & personal shopping experience that comes very close to the one on site. Customers take advantage of the virtual consultation option and usually order during or after the conversation.

In summary, Chez Grisoni has found a partner in OKOMO to respond to new consumer preferences and to expand the personal on-site consulting service to its online channels.

Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your customers a physical shopping experience online. With Okomo you can communicate with your website visitors directly via chat, audio or even video call, share the screen, exchange data or simply make an appointment. All without download or registration, 100% web based. For more information just contact us!