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Lukas GubserJan 16, 2023 6:37:34 PM1 min read

Sucessful launch of live-advice at Project Neptun

Project Neptun is an initiative for Students from Swiss universities to buy laptops, tablets and hardware accessories at discounted prices. The advisory team of Project Neptun supports the students in finding a device that suits the requirements of their study program - since last fall 2022 also for the first time via live video consulting & chat via OKOMO.

Over 220+ video advisory sesions conducted & more than 1600+ chat messages sent

Just in time for the start of the semester (spring & fall), students can benefit from the special offers and order products during 4 weeks. Given the short time window, it's not surprising that Project Neptune staff had their hands full and were inundated with inquiries. Over 1400 interactions took place via OKOMO. The large demand for the advisory service and the positive customer feedback have exceeded all expectations. In particular the video consultation service was very well received.


"With the live advice service, we can help students even more easily and efficiently. Especially the video consulting has been very well received by our customers and we received very positive feedback. This is why we would like to further expand this liva advice channel in the future."

Matthias Leutenegger, Deputy Manager at Projekt Neptun