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Lukas GubserNov 24, 2022 4:38:10 PM1 min read

Live advice for e-scooters & e-bikes at TWHEELS

Boosting awarness & trust

The e-tailer TWHEELS is specialised in e-bikes and e-scooters. They're now offering live advice over video & chat to help customers make the right choice! In order to establish the TWHEELS brand in the booming e-mobility market, TWHEELS relies on high-quality products and personal advice. Until now, an on-site visit to Zurich or Amden was necessary to receive personal advice and see the products live. But now customers can also contact a TWHEELS product specialist online via video & chat and receive advice without leaving the comfort of their own home. Over a video consultation, the specialist can show details of vehicles and answer specific questions. The ability to reach an advisor online is hugely appreciated by customers and increases their trust in the brand.


"The OKOMO Widget gives our website a face, which further increases trust in our brand." 

Manuel Singh, owner at TWHEELS GmbH

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Higher conversion by interactively reaching out to website visitors

In addition to detailed product descriptions with images and videos, TWHEELS uses OKOMO's Stories function to boost customer interactions. Website visitors showing interest in a product by staying for a longer period on a product page automatically receive a video clip pop-up, in which that exact vehicle is briefly presented. If the visitor wants to learn more, they can connect for a live demo with just one click. The Stories function allows TWHEELS to proactively approach and support potential customers in their decision-making process and highlight current offers (such as Black Friday at the moment) . This not only has a positive impact on the conversion rate but also increases customer satisfaction. They love it, we love it, and so will you!